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Philippion Hotel PozarThursday June 15th, 2017


Holidays in Pella, Greece

Have your holidays in Pella, Greece. Pella is a county developed at the border region of northwestern Greece with rich natural beauty and memorials of archaeological and historical importance. Major attractions of the county, which is within short distance of Thessaloniki city, is the ski resort on Kaimaktsalan (Vora), the world wide known waterfalls situated at the foot of Vermio, capital of Edessa- which attracts numerous visitors all year long- and the astonishing Vegoritida lake. There are, however, archaeological sites of exceptional importance such as the ruins of ancient Pella, the capital of the ancient kingdom of the Macedonians. The area is also famous for it’s all year long fruit production, a ‘sample’ of which one should taste while having holidays in Pella, Greece.