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Philippion Hotel PozarThursday June 15th, 2017

Loutraki Pella

Loutraki Pellas

Philippion Hotel is located in Loutraki Pellas, a place endowed by the ‘goddess’ of nature with dense vegetation, positive cosmic force and of incomparable beauty. Here at the foot of Voras Kaimaktsalan mountain, where one can find gorgeous alternating landscapes, the water gushes from the hot springs baths of Pozar.
During your holidays in Loutraki Pellas, a large number of restaurants, café-bars and local markets will meet your every need. It is a location with rich and natural beauty and a multitude of monuments of both archaeological and historical importance.
Major attractions of the county, which bares the privilege of being close to Thessaloniki city, is the famous ski resort on Voras (Kaimaktsalan), the widely known waterfalls found at the foot of Vermio and the capital of Edessa County, which attracts several visitors all year long. The road network of high quality that crosses wonderful mountainous or flat landscapes, leads to beautiful towns such as Aridaia, Giannitsa and Skydra. Enjoy your holidays in Loutraki Pellas with your friends or family!