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Philippion Hotel PozarThursday June 15th, 2017


Kaimaktsalan ski center

For ski lovers, 39km far from Philippion hotel in Loutra Pozar, one can find the ski center “Kaimaktsalan”, a rare insight into the landscape with snow-capped slopes. Mountain Voras Kaimaktsalan is located among the borders of Greece with P.G.D.M and its ridge is the border between the two countries. It is the third highest mountain in Greece at an altitude of 2.524m peak. Kaimaktsalan ski resort is developed hillside within the magnitude of 2.050m, where one can find the main shelter, parking, ski school for ski beginners, rental facilities, ticket offices, and the first lift that leads to 2.480m, the arrival station of the highest lift of Greece. The ski resort, depending on whether conditions, is open from late November until early May. Besides the Kaimaktsalan ski center bares a beautiful natural environment where one can seek relaxation by walking among the forest’s trails. There are 14 tracks at the ski center (including 2 which host races with electronic timers, 5 hard level tracks, 3 easy ones and 3 ‘Baby’-very easy ones) whose total length reaches up to 11,000 meters. Visitors are led to the trucks through 7 Lifts – a two-seater air “chair” (covered distance: 1600m) that climbs the height distance of 2100m to 2350m, a sliding one “anchor drag” side, a sliding “anchor drag” (covered distance of 900m) that goes up to 2200m-2480m – the highest level where one can climb through a lift, a sliding “dish” (covered distance of 500m) from Kaimaktsalan ski resort shelter at the base of the “chair” and 3 smaller sliding lifts. There is also a Snowboard Fun Park (track with ‘somersaults’ and jumps) for fans of snowboard.