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Philippion Hotel PozarThursday June 15th, 2017

Pozar baths

Pozar baths – The Spa Town Of Aridaia

An earthly paradise awaits just 3 km away from Philippion hotel in Loutraki Aridaias, 10 km from Aridaia and 100 km from Thessaloniki to enhance its visitors with health, wellness and beauty.
Visit Loutra Pozar (Pozar baths) and discover the many natural assets of the mythical Pella, where visitors can take advantage of the unique spa or drinking water treatments.
Loutra Pozar (Pozar baths) is one of the finest Greek destinations for excursions or vacations during all 4 seasons. The famous Loutra Pozar (Pozar baths) are also known as Aridaia’s baths or baths of Loutraki or health spas of Loutraki or health spas Pozar of Aridaia.
At mountainous Pella, at the foot of Vora Kaimaktsalan mountain (Voras Kaimaktsalan), where one can find a mixing combination of beautiful landscapes, the water that gushes from the hot springs baths can be used as a treatment for many diseases and also be suitable for balneotherapy and drinking therapy.
The temperature of the thermal water baths in Pozar, at the 6 main hot springs is 37 degrees Celsius. One can enjoy the water in one of the specially formed private swimming pools (privet spa), internal steam spas or at one of the also internal 40 bathtubs.
The adventurous ones can make use of the large outdoor pool with hot, running, spa water during both winter and summer.
For the even more daring ones, the countless waterfalls with running healing waters along the riverside and the 5 natural lakes where the hot water steams from the ground create the perfect setting for relaxation through a natural hydro massage.
Precipitous cliffs, waterfalls, wild and dense vegetation as well as the gorge of the Baths with 16 caves, which is considered to be the first Greek cave park, constitute Loutra Pozar (Pozar baths) as a place worth visiting.
Loutra Pozar offer also a wide range of outdoor activities due to their special nature assets including climbing, hiking and a tour at the caves and the local folklore museum.